Our History

Since October 2010 our group has facilitated prison prevention workshops in schools, churches, and community centers; we have also helped develop many talented youth in the performing arts arena.

Proven creative programs developed to give youth a since of dignity and positive productivity.

Helping to keep youth out of juvenile detention, out of the prison system, and prayerfully out of an early grave.

Educating families and school officials on the deep seeded issues that face our youth.


Youth Prison Prevention Project

The Issues

Statistically, one out of every four bullies end up with a criminal record by the age of 30.

What Have We Done

Since October 2010 the Youth Prison Prevention Project has been able to give over “350” live performances and presentations.

Our Youth Talent Development. Department has produced "6" full length music CDs, and "12" music videos.

We've had weekly television and radio shows that aired in Buffalo and Rochester NY, and currently have columns in three newspapers.

This gives the youth in our program the ability to sell their music at live performances, make television appearances, have newspaper articles written about them, and have their music played on our radio show.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Youth Prison Prevention Project is to address the very serious issues that face our youth and families. Many of these youth suffer from deep seeded issues including poverty, broken families, negative peer pressure, drug addiction, anger, and fear; just to name a few. We strive to help our youth make healthier choices by giving them more options and revealing to them the ripple effect of the consequences of bad decisions. The Youth Prison Prevention Project empowers our youth by arming them with unconventional wisdom in order to be able to win against a system and society that’s designed for their downfall.

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How Can I Help?

With your help in donations, In-Kind Gifts, or other Fund Raising efforts, we can truly make a difference in many young lives.  Positive impact in our communities and providing the necessary tools to overcome bullying rests with all of us.

Thank you for your generosity.